The littles!

Doesn't every mom just love their kids and think they are the best in the whole wide world??  (After you read my book you will know that not every mom does...) Well... I am part of the club that does!  I am madly in love with each of these kids and each one for a different reason! Let me take a minute to tell ya about these littles.  I always say "if I had any more kids I would have an extra" I feel like Justin and I have the perfect family.  The big older brother, Hunter, no middle child because we have the twins, Jack and Sterling... and then a baby girl.

Hunter is almostttt 20 and still not out of the house, lol.  (insert an eye roll from him and me!)  I guess that's not true because he is actually not in the the house but in our tiny house!  Built just for him. 

We have had a family project going to get this baby done and we are sooo close I can almost taste the freedom. 

Hunter is actually one of the most artist and coolest kids I have ever known.  This boy was really there for me through thick and thin and I am so grateful to get to be his mom.  You see most people say that kids are a ton of work, Hunter was no exception, and that they did allll these things for their kids.  But this kid actually saved me.  Being the best mom I could be was my life goal from the moment I laid eyes on him and he is the reason I made choices in my life that were so different than the examples I had as a mom.  I am so excited to see what Hunter does with all of his rapping and music making, as he gets to run a portion of the Cheekys business that is all his and truly can't wait to see the kind of father he becomes. 

Let me introduce you to Double Trouble! This pic might be "actual size" ~ these little men were born super early and this is a picture of them with a regular size candy bar.  Shocking I know... try being their mom.  It was surely the hardest time in my life when these guys were born.  Their whole childhood the first few years we so difficult but gosh did I end up with two of the feistiest, most fun set of twins ever!  Although they are mirror images of one another their personalities could not be farther apart!  

Jack is the first to tell you he is the oldest!  I couldn't imagine my life with out this boy.  He is so creative and will literally take anything ya let him apart and try to make it better and put it back together again.  He loves to cook and seriously one of the funniest kids I have ever met.  I would even say he is sly as a fox. He loves all things lego and if he can avoid traveling this kid is going to do it... he is a true homebody!

Sterling is so so special to me.  Both boys were named after my great grandfathers and Sterling is such a fun and regal name I feel like.  He really lives up to the name for sure! He is so compassionate when he loves something he really commits.  That is such a hard feature to find in a person it seems like.  I am so proud of how he is doing in Karate (my dad, his Papa) is his instructor and he just passed his very first belt test! (He is the one on the right) 

Last but not least is with out a doubt my Mini Me... the little Boss Lady.. Addy.  Talk about one that rules the roost!  This little gal is my shadow and the light of her brothers eyes (and the bane of their existence all at the same time)  Addy is such a fashionista and aspiring make up artist, although I am sure going to try and make her the Boss Lady here one day! 

I am sure I will show ya tons about all these super hero/ villain kiddos as time goes on but at least now ya know who I am talking about!! Thanks for meeting my monkeys from my circus!!  

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