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Blog for me personally ~ Seems kinda funny that this would actually be my first blog since I am about three quarters of the way through my first book, at least it's kinda funny to me. Speaking of "my book" I think I should point out that its not really a book about me or a business book but more a book about my business and all kinds of things that made my business what it is. But this blog.... well it's going to actually be about me and of course all of my family and our shenanigans. I hope you have as much fun learning about our lives as we have living it. I guess to even start these adventures I should tell ya a little about all the members of my little farmhouse.

There is no better place to start than with me... the "Maaaaaaaaaaooooooom" (as it's normally yelled), or "toots" (wife), or pumkin (or daughter) or as you might know me Jessi. I am very young at heart and old soul 40 and holding misplaced Texan. I love all the lost arts in life and most people think I have the hobbies of a grandma! I love to garden, I love crafting, I love cooking, I love beets for heavens sake... told ya I was like an old lady. BUT I also love all kinds of music from the hood to the back roads I love it all. I hope that as this blog develops you can learn even more about what makes me tick... and there might even be a rant every now and then. I promise you this blog, this part of the website, will be 100% real... an insight in to who we are and what we are made of. 

Who else would be next other than Justin...

 he is the real hero in this family. I mean he is actually a real hero. He works on our volunteer fire department, although its been a while since he went on a call he still gives all the time. Justin is one of the kindest and sweetest men to ever live... I mean now that I have him trained, lol. I always say that if you don't like me I understand but if ya don't like him.. its you. Justin would just soon be working on his tractor, building my next idea or dream, loving on his kids or finding an animal in need to help or take in. I can't wait for you to see the craziness I drag him in to and all the super fun DIY projects this guy does (there have been some pretty creative "santa presents" and retirement gifts as well as the Chicken mansion!

I am sure any mom could go on and on about their kiddos and I am no different. I will spare ya all the baby pics at once and the minute by minute timelines of their lives... and although the grandma's love it you might not. What I will tell you is that these kids are definitely pretty special and have the biggest hearts ever.

I have always said that if I had any more kids I would have an extra... we have the perfect family. One big older brother who is currently 19 and who works in our print shop, Hunter. We have no middle child because God blessed us with identical twin boys! They are named after my great grandfathers Jackson and Sterling and they are just about to be teenagers...I have no idea how I got this old this fast. And last but not least we have the baby girl who is no baby but a full on over achieving bossgirl, Addy. She is 10 going on 22. Over two years ago we started getting calls from colleges and universities to schedule tours because she had somehow gotten online and completed inquiries about their fine arts programs. I don't know where she gets it.

Well it seems one blog post down and it was just a tiny glimpse into this Texas tornado that landed in a little farming town in Idaho. I can't want to get to know ya'll and let you get to know us! I promise to post again soon! XOXO ~ Jessi

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