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Duke Cannon Fresh Aloe Shave Gel
Duke Cannon Fresh Aloe Shave Gel

Cheekys Original ~ Duke Cannon Fresh Aloe Shave Gel!

This is apart of the Bossman Line!

Duke Cannon and the Cheekys Bossman were born with a 5 o'clock shadow. Therefore, they needed a superior shaving product that will quickly clean them up without the burn. This premium shave gel is engineered with high-quality ingredients to deliver a dense, rich, lather, and superior hydration.

It contains Shea Butter for superior hydration, Green Tea to soothe and repair, and makes a rich lather for maximum comfort.

Never tested on animals! Just really bad interns! 

Net WT 8 oz 




Made in the USA

A portion of all proceeds benefits our U.S. Veterans!

Thank you for shopping Cheekys!!!

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