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Duke Cannon Cooling Soap Cubes
Duke Cannon Cooling Soap Cubes

Cheekys Original ~ Duke Cannon Cooling Soap Cubes!

This is part of the Bossman Line.

Take a cold shower with these cooling cubes, they are built with a unique cooling formula. For maximum effect you can leave one in the freezer. This is a set of 2 cooling soap cubes.

The benefits of a cold shower include a boost in metabolism which allows you to eat more red meat and stay away from kale or salad. It also increases alertness, (good for the man who uses a heavy-duty chainsaw to make a living), speeds up your muscle recovery, (you will never see a linebacker taking a hot bath), and eases stress, (if you can handle a cold shower then you can handle your mother in law).

Made in the USA

A portion of proceeds benefits our U.S. Veterans

Thank you for shopping Cheekys!!!

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