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Cheekys Birthday Charm Bracelet
Cheekys Birthday Charm Bracelet

Cheekys Brand Original ~ Cheekys Birthday Charm Bracelet!

This charm bracelet is in a silver finish, with 11 charms representing Cheeky's 2019 year. It is adjustable between 7"-9.5"


2019 was the year of Jessica's book being published and released into stores all across the US, we lost one of the greatest and more supportive and loving customers any company could ask for, squash blossoms became one of our biggest sellers, Jessica taught the meaning behind the quote "Be Pretty" followed by our amazing customers getting this quote tattooed on them and a movement of being kinder to each other started. Audrey has worked on her photography skills to provide amazing product photos, and the Team Cheekys program kicked off and has led many women into starting their own businesses.

The story doesn't end there and we are excited to share these moments with our amazing and supportive customers.


Thank you for shopping Cheekys!!!

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