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Cheekys 2020 Birthday Charm Bracelet Jewelry 18
Cheekys 2020 Birthday Charm Bracelet

Cheekys Brand Original ~ Cheekys 2020 Birthday Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet is in a silver finish, with 10 charms representing Cheekys 2020 year. It is adjustable between 7-8.5" long

The story doesn't end there and we are excited to share these moments with our amazing and supportive customers. Each one of these charms reflects the year that we have had and we hold them dear to our hearts! 

We have sure had a year of heartbreak for this bracelet. Ninja Pops passing and He didn't raise a pansy and taught The Bosslady how to give her 2 cents about how to handle things in life. Joe Diffie passing from Covid-19 which was a sad day for country music, but that water tower will always look good to Charlene! Speaking of Covid-19 we seem to have all freaked out and toilet paper went scarce, so we figured if you had some on here you would always have it handy. Always remember to be a Bad Ass in a world full of Unicorns and you will always stand strong. Fill that cup up and you won't ever be thirsty. Sunflowers follow the Sun and you can stay bright as long as the day is long. Squash Blossoms are always pretty and so are you! Our dear friend will always be watching over us and she will always hold a place in our hearts, She loved Bears and Her and Ninja Pops will always have their wings around us! We hope you love this Charm bracelet as much as we do!

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