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bling sting, personal protection, pepper spray, mase, defense
Bling Sting Pepper Spray in Acid Wash Gold Tube

Cheekys Original ~ Bling Sting Pepper Spray in Acid Wash Gold Tube!!!

We believe in being a girl, we believe in sparkles, crying at a movie, spending most of your money on shoes you will wear almost never, and once a month eating a good majority of that pint of ice cream (ok maybe the whole thing)... ALL of this while being confident, prepared, and aware!! That is why the AHH-LARM was created because looks and having a good head on your shoulders... they both matter! 

Put this spray on your purse, back pack, keys, belt loop. Be prepared. Protect yourself in style.

Read the instructions, know how to use this device, and be prepared to defend yourself when needed.

Thank you for shopping Cheekys!!!

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