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"Julie Bear" Stronger Than A 5th of Whiskey Raglan
"Julie Bear" Stronger Than A 5th of Whiskey Raglan

The Original Cheekys Brand ~ "Julie Bear" Stronger Than A 5th of Whiskey Raglan!


*Pre-sale* These shirts will ship out within 2 weeks of order. Printing and shipping will be dependent on the shirt demand. 

Julie was the victim of domestic violence (in her previous marriage) and it was at times more crippling than the illness she dealt with. As Julie read my book we talked about how she had over come so much in her short life. She was passionate about helping others over come that fear and pain. She had a bear that she carried with her, that she shared her fears and pain with, and even gave bears to people she was close to. Her husband would like to honor that struggle by requesting the proceeds of our memorial shirt go to women who need uplifting and help while dealing with Domestic Violence. We have taken Julies favorite shirt and made it special for her ~ When we say "Stronger than a 5th of Whiskey" it can mean so many things... people can be stronger than the alcohols power, stronger than the relationship controlled by alcohol or just a spitfire that can't be tamed...For Julie it was about her strength to over come pain and odds that were against her...we made it in purple the colors of DV awareness. (this shirt is a womens fit and is the newest cut of the raglan so it fits TTS and is not short)

We will also be sending a copy of my book (Julie was my biggest cheerleader) with each shirt at no additional cost. If you have not read the book please do, if you have then please write a note in it and gift it to some one the way Julie did so many times.


Thank you for shopping Cheekys!!!

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