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Bubble Gum Refresher Spray by Mixologie Body Care 64
Bubble Gum Refresher Spray by Mixologie

Cheekys Brand Original ~Bubble Gum Refresher Spray by Mixologie!

Sometimes, your cloth face mask needs a little "pick me up".  

Such a fun scent!  A nostalgic, childhood favorite that evokes the sweet and fruity character of the iconic gum.  Before you know it, you'll be picturing yourself with the biggest bubble ever in the history of ever --- bursting just before mom got to see.

Spray your reusable cloth face mask with this beautifully scented alcohol-based formula for a quick "refresh" between machine washings.   After applying spray, wait 2 minutes (to allow the alcohol smell to dissipate) before putting the mask on your face.  

65% Alcohol Content

All Natural Fragrance

Ingredients:  Ethyl alcohol, glycerin USP, hydrogen peroxide, purified water USP, natural fragrance oils

100 mL (3.3 Fl. Oz.)


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