Don't Bullshit Me, Darlin' Gravel Road Unisex Tee with Smolder Print

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The Original Cheekys Brand "Don't Bullshit Me, Darlin'" Gravel Road Unisex Tee with Graphite Print! This is one of those designs that you know you saw here first! One of our most popular sellers and still miles of trail ahead of the knockoffs! Our unique take on vintage sign paintings of yesteryear pretty much says it all!
*Our cameras and the color changing characteristics of monitors/phone screens make it difficult for us to photograph and show certain colors accurately. We have done our best to match the color swatches to the actual product. When in doubt, please refer to the color swatch.

Please understand that we are a small company who designs and prints all of our items in-house. Most orders ship within 7 business days, but some can take up to 10-14. We strive to shorten these times and appreciate your understanding. If you need this item as a gift and time is limited, please give us a call to see if we can help ya out! 208-278-5007.
All images and designs are copyrighted and we have worked very hard to make them. Please feel free to use our images for social networking and sharing, but please give credit when doing so. Thank you, darlin'!

Thank you for shopping Cheekys!

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